sigaretta elettronica iDEA

iDEA is the electronic cigarette that is about to revolutionize the way of vapig.

iDEA embodies the simplest and most natural way to use the electronic cigarette. The most advances technology meets the minimal design to allow you to vape easily, without having trouble refilling yout atomizer, by risking getting dirty. The transparent plastic window enables you to check the liquid level, the button to adjust your power settings and the LEDs indicating the charge of your battery. iDEA brings you all the convenience and the plasure of vaping that you need, achieving high levels of permormance, accessible to all..



"iDEA components are entirely MADE IN ITALY"

iDEA is entirely produced in the DEA Flavor plant, in Lavis, with non-toxic and certified Italian materials and therefore a product 100% Made-in-Italy. It can not be dismantled, it is childproof and it is designed in order that the liquid does not overflow even as a result of eventual device fall. iDEA respects all the regulations in force at European level and fulfills in advanced the provisions of the “Tobacco Products Directive” 82014/40/EU) (TPD), which will enter in force from 20th May 2016. 


"You will not spill any drop"
iDEA has a rectangular shape (4,8cm x 9,00cm / 1.89 Inch x 3.54 Inch), it is convenient to hold and easy to carry as it fits easily into trousers pockets and handbags. The Drip Tip, where youtake the drag, can be adjusted to two different positions, to fit each vapers' own preferences. The capsule that contain the flavoured liquid is located inside the device itself; once you finish the liquid, you will just need to remove the Drip Tip to replace the discharged cartridge with the new one, without risking getting dirty. iDEA does not need any maintenance.
iDEA finestrella controllo liquidio
"With just two simple moves, iDEA is ready to be vaped"
The device comes on while you press 5 times the button located at the back, as usual. The button enables you also to regulate the power according to your own preferences. The LED lights located under the button show both the desired power (growing from 1 up to 5 lights) and the battery charge. To recharge the battery, insert the USB cable into the port, located at the bottom. Thanks to the opening at the front side of iDEA, it is possible to keep control of the liquid level.