What are Liquid Herbs?
There are four Liquid Herbs: Love, Sleep, Relax e Vigor. They are liquids,without nicotine, designed to assist some body functions:

- Love contains Rhodiola and Ginseng mother tinctures which are by some employed to improve menthal and phisical capabilities and love performances, reducing anxiety related hunger.
- Sleep contains Valerian and Passio Flower mother tinctures which are by some employed to induce sleep, improving its quality and reducing nocturnal awakenings.
- Relax contains Lemon Balm and Crataegus Monogyna mother tinctures.which are by some employed to reduce anxious states and alleviate tension.
- Vigor contains Siberian Ginseng and Uncaria Tormentosa mother tinctures, which have tonic and invigorating effects. They also stengthen the defenses against seasonal influenza.

All the mother tinctures employed are pharmaceutical grade, the same used for herbal product manufacturing. Maximum recommended daily dose is 2ml. These herbs are well known by scientists, herbalists and doctors, and have been used for centuries as natural remedy for several diseases In order to recreate a vape experience as natural as possible, no additional flavours are added to Liquid Herbs.