DEA liquids for electronic cigarettes meet the needs of all vapers with his products with different formats, gradations of nicotine and aromatization.
For the pleasure of senses and palates DEA Flavor want to offer you many categories of e-liquid: tobacco flavored, fruity, creamy, balsamic and drinks taste.
We're curious: what's your flavour?



E-Liquids 10ml

The range of DEA prepared Liquids for E-Cigs it's ideal for who would like to change his vape each day! You'll find our E-Liquids available in comfortable 10ml bottles.

Liquid Herbs DEA Flavor

The new line of liquids Liquid Herbs takes origin directly from the nature. When plants with beneficial properties become more!

DEA Flavor bases DIY

Our DEA Base it's the ingredient that you cannot miss for your DIY E-Liquids. Choose your strength of nicotine and discover how to reach it with the bases calculator 

Aromi ETO

Aromas ETÓ for DIY by MAD Srl. Unique and powerful flavors for a surprisingly creative vape! "Color is a power which directly influences the soul" (W.Kandinsky)

Aromi concentrati DEA 10ml

DEA Concentrate Flavours are the best way to bring creativity to your vaping and you'll have the possibility to vape each day a brand new liquid. Have you already tasted all of them?

Granny Rita DEA Flavor

Granny Rita is the line of concentrated flavors created with more flavors and ready to be diluted in the base. Discover the recipes of grandma Rita, the grandma of vape!

Granny Rita DEA Flavor

ETÓ is the blend & vape line of MAD Srl, of which DEA is the official distributor! Discover the explosive flavors of these 80/20 PG / VG eliquids, dedicated to serial vapers!