cialde iCAPS DEA FlavorWith iCAPS you will change the taste of your vape in just two clicks! 

The iCAPS are thee first atomizers completely produced and assembled in Italy, with non-toxic materials coming from Italy. From the nickel resistance to cotton, each iCAPS component comes from Italy and is exclusively made in DEA Flavor plant, in Lavis, Trento (Italy).

The outcome of it all is that is a product of high quality and 100% Made-in-Italy!



What are the iCAPS?

The iCAPS are pre-filled and refillable atomizers with DEA liquid for electronic cigarette, containing until a maximum of 2ml liquid ("Tobacco Products Directive - TPD predisposition") and they are unbreakable in case of a fall.


How do the iCAPS work?

The iCAPS are inserted into the iDEA device under the Drip Tip.
Thanks to the window located on the front side of the device itself, it is possible to keep always control of the liquid level. Once finisched, just lift the spout to remove the discharged cartridge and replace it with a new one.
The operationcan be performed everywhere and at any time! The capsule replacement occurs with just two simple moves, without risking spilling the liquid.

The iCAPS are used in single-dose, but anyway we have also thought to the lovers of "DIY": the capsules have meed made to be refilled through an appropriate bottle equipped with needle. In such a way those who like to create their own flavour intensity could fill the atomizer with the liquid of their own invention.


Tastes and nicotine strenghts.

iCAPS will be available in 10 different DEA Flavor tastes and four nicotine strenghts: Ø - 4 - 9 - 14.
We reveal the first tastes: