iDEA by DEA will be the first e-cig completely MADE IN ITALY and TPD ready!

iDEA will embody the easiest and natural way of vaping. The most advanced technology meets the minimal design for a new concept of electronic cigarette, which allows high levels of performance, accessible to all.
The fact that our products are entirely made in Italy 
as well as the use of non-toxic materials garantee the safety of this device, which has been created to provide a very high quality vaping experience. 


The iDEA electonic cigarette is powered by a 3500mAh battery and capsules with flavoured e-liquids liquidi: iCAPS.

Discover it with 2 simple steps:

iDEA - The Hardware
iDEA hardware

iDEA is an electronic cigarette designed
to be safe, pratical e functional.
Discover how it looks like and how it works!

iCAPS - The Capsules
cialde iCAPS di iDEA

iCAPS are one-way or rechargeable capsules
which contain DEA flavoured e-liquids.
Discover the convenience of iCAPS and the available tastes!