At DEA FLAVOR, we are committed to continuously protect our employees, our consumers and the world we live in. With the aim to deploy the safest production processes in our plants, to deliver the most sustainable products to our customers and to respect all the applicable laws and regulations, we have identified a set of chemical substances and preparations that we aim either to accept only in limited amount or to ban from all the raw materials we utilize; a list of those substances has been created as "DEA Blacklist".



DEA Flavor team will keep the list update, according to International applicable laws evolution.
The most recent edition of the Blacklist remains available clicking here.

Suppliers are invited to periodically verify the consistency of the document in their hands with the latest one published on the website.
Where the DEA Black list cannot be respected, and no other alternatives exist, DEA team must be consulted to determine if the levels present constitute a significant risk.


All aromas, natural or artificial, must be contained in at least one of the following lists: