DEA Flavor quality production

DEA Flavor operates in compliance with all current safety regulations, relying on experienced external consultants. In order to guarantee safety and quality of our liquids, DEA Flavor's Quality Team daily monitors the entire production process by constantly commissioning tests on raw materials and finished product. All analyses carried out on DEA Flavor products are certified by accredited laboratory in compliance with UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard as prescribed by the Ministry of Health.

We have adopted an efficient batch management system that ensures a monitoring of each bottle starting from the initial manufacturing stages until the sale by an authorized dealer. This tool allows to keep track of every single bottle throughout its entire Life-cycle, ensuring the compliance of each product placed on the market.

All DEA products are completely produced in Italy. They contain solely water, food flavourings (in compliance with EC Regulation 1334/08), vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol and nicotine, if present, all matching qualitative characteristics required in the field of European pharmacopoeia, thus, allowing to produce liquids for electronic cigarette of quality comparable to that of pharmaceutical products. All that is implemented through the strict internal rules and a careful selection of suppliers, who, with their many years of experience as European leaders in the food and pharmacy sector, make a substantial contribution to the achievement of strictest quality standards imposed by DEA Flavor.

Our products are sold in 10ml and 20ml bottles that have a secure hermetic sealing, which breaks on the first use, and a certified ISO 8317 child-proof cap. Each packaging contains information leaflet that specifies the nature and the use of product; on the outer box of liquids, which contain nicotine, there are indicated safety and hazard phrases in different European Union languages depending on a state in which the product is sold.

Since company establishment the safety and customer satisfaction – the main DEA Flavor's objectives - play a vital role in any its strategic decision; the objectives are reached in everyday practice thanks to the rigid Quality Management System that serves as a severe and watchful eye on every aspect of the product life cycle.