DEA Flavor is a company that produces flavored liquids
for electronic cigarettes 100% Made in Italy.

Our iDEA

We believe in changes by supporting innovation, and we work hard to guarantee everyone a valuable alternative to smoking.

The company

DEA Flavor is a young and dynamic company which had the vision and the challenge to enter a new and revolutionary market. Thanks to a quality, security and transparency centred policy, the company knew how to find the fast road and in a short time establishing itself among the European industry leaders.

The consumers' appreciation and the desire to believe in this product pushed DEA Flavor to make investments that let to further improve the quality and the safety of the product and affected the organizational structure growth: today DEA Flavor has 20 employees and an estimated annual production that reaches 21 million bottles.

Thanks to all that, DEA has become a synonym of the highest quality liquids for electronic cigarettes all over Europe.

What and How

To produce liquids for electronic cigarettes of the highest quality was and is the main objective of the company: the R&D team works with the full commitment in order to improve the products in order to meet an ever wider acceptance among consumers. For that reason, the choice of raw materials becomes a crucial step: thanks to the collaboration with only certified suppliers that have several years of experience in the pharmaceutical and food industry, DEA Flavor guarantees the highest quality standards for its products.

A new product has to instill safety in customers: for this reason, the company decided to operate well beyond the requirements of the law by implementing a strict internal quality control system that ensures a pleasant and safe vaping experience.

The desire to convey its commitment to quality and safety has prompted the company not to neglect the appearance of its products: the liquids are found in practical boxes, accompanied by a comprehensive information leaflet.The continual creation of constantly updated brochures and of elegant gift ideas are just examples of how DEA Flavor endorse its liquids, by many considered the best liquids for electronic cigarettes in terms of quality and taste.